Meet Tableau 10.3

Tableau 10.3 helps you sharpen your data analysis with new data connector and smart data prep and exploration features. What's new in 10.3? Turn data stored in PDF tables into measures and dimensions with our new PDF connector. Plus, quickly discover new questions during your data exploration with our improved tooltip selection.

Tableau Public 10.3 Is Here!

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Let’s take a look at some of the features we are most excited about.

PDF Connector

PDF files are everywhere, from business and government annual reports to scientific publications, a lot of open data is found in PDFs. Many of the world’s great open data portals (like hold data in PDF format.

You can now access PDF data directly in Tableau Public, and watch your tables automatically become analysis-ready.

PDF connector
Here, we’re extracting data from page 12 of a PDF

To learn more about this connector, read our PDF Connector) post.

Powerful selection to spot trends

We’ve brought smarter selection to tooltips, so you can discover the stories in your data. Clicking on categories in your tooltips easily identifies associated marks in the view, so you can see how everything is connected.

Tooltip Selector
Selecting “above median” in the tooltip highlights all associated marks in the view.

Like other selection methods in Tableau, you can use tooltip selection to filter (Keep Only or Exclude), group, make sets, and with actions (as in the example above). The mechanic is the same, but the method—allowing me to query the data by domain value—is unique.

By default, tooltip selection is enabled for new worksheets. There may be a reason you prefer to have it off. To do so, simply toggle the “Allow selection by category” option in the tooltip editor. For upgraded worksheets, tooltip selection is off by default. You can turn it on in the same tooltip editor.

Tooltip Selector De-select
De-select the tooltip selector with one click.

So what else is new in Tableau Public 10.3?

We know it's the little things that really make the difference when you're working with data so we've added a latest date preset, so you can set filters to display the most up-to-date values automatically, as soon as your workbook opens.

We're loving 10.3 and we hope you do as well. We can't wait to see what you create with our latest release!

The Tableau Public Team

Thank you to Piper Stull-Lane for the content for this post

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