Tableau Software is growing like gangbusters and we need great people. We’re continuing to expand our team to meet our rapid growth – in fact, we are officially the 2nd fastest growing software company in the world according to Software Magazine.

We’ve just announced 35 new roles -- located in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Europe and around the US. If you’re interested or you know someone who would be interested, visit our jobs page.

In addition to the thrill of riding a rocket ship on a mission to change the world, there are 7 great reasons to work at Tableau:

  1. Growth opportunities
    • We have a big vision and are on a fast growth path. We need people who want to grow with us.
  2. Rewards and benefits
    • Competitive benefits and compensation for today. A young, successful software company on a fast trajectory for tomorrow.
  3. Great environment
    • We're casual with lots of t-shirts and flip flops (but if ties or high heels are your thing, that's o.k. too). Meetings are short and infrequent.
  4. Great colleagues
    • Hang around with smart people with nary a hair of arrogance or ego. Everyone is working hard on something worthwhile. No frustrating slackers to drag you down. Bonus: people do really care about each other.
  5. Snacking well
    • A kitchen full of free snack food -- sugary, salty and everything in between (including healthy).
  6. Serious fun
    • Hard work but at the same time serious fun. Something about laughing makes the work come easily.
  7. Time for family life
    • Enjoy your family and friends -- it's what life is about.

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Relocation assistance is provided, of course.

Relocation from Canada??

Probably a good idea to get in touch with us directly for further details. See the jobs posting for more information on getting in touch with our recruiters. Thank you for your interest.

No UK or European slots on the Jobs Page...

Does it help if I capitulate without even a written notice to stop something? Will I get the job if pro-actively refuse it when someone suggests that they feel I shouldn't work with your ilk?

Yeah, hire Nazis, they'll agree with your politics.