Ultimate List of Tableau Trending Hashtags in Social

Connect with the DataFam and take your data skills to the next level with these trending Tableau and Community hashtags.

30+ hashtags to connect with the DataFam, participate in a Community project, learn Tableau, and grow your data skills:


The #DataFam is the Tableau Community. 💙 Use this to connect with the largest and most supportive data community. 


A #TableauVisionary is a part of the Community’s most distinguished leaders who teach, collaborate, and inspire the Tableau solutions of tomorrow.

A #TableauAmbassador is a leader and data champion who helps bring analytics to everyone.


A #TableauUserGroup meets and discusses all things Tableau with other data enthusiasts. These meetups happen both in-person and virtually. Shout out to the TUGs!


A #DataDev is part of the Tableau Developer Program—they fine-tune and customize Tableau for their organizations.


Every weekday, @TableauPublic elevates a community member’s visualization for #VizOfTheDay. These vizzes are inspirational, spark data conversations and showcase what’s possible with Tableau. 


#IronViz is the world’s largest data visualization competition. Each year at Tableau Conference, three contestants have 20 minutes to deliver a compelling and awe-inspiring story using the same data set. 


Tableau Follow Friday #TableauFF elevates new members in the Tableau Community. Use this hashtag to give someone a shoutout and encourage the Community to give them a follow.


To learn or share Tableau knowledge with others—use #TableauTip. If it’s quick and easily digestible, use #TinyTableauTip


Proudly share your skills when you pass a Tableau Certification Exam—Data Analyst, Desktop Specialist, Desktop Qualified Associate, Desktop Certified Professional, Server Qualified Associate, Server Certified Professional—and become #CertifiablyTableau


#DataKids inspires young data explorers and helps parents and educators teach young learners about data. 


#BestofTableauWeb is a monthly look at tips, tricks, and inspiration from the Tableau Community.


#B2VB Back 2 Viz Basics is a data visualization challenge that helps those who are newer in the community and just getting started with Tableau build foundational data viz skills. Not limited just to newbies! Share your entries with #B2VB.   


#ChartChat hosts Steve Wexler, Amanda Makulec, Jeffrey Shaffer, Andy Cotgreave share their thought processes on dashboards. Their lively virtual screen-sharing debates will keep you entertained, and you’ll learn how to build better visualizations.


#DataFamCon is a data visualization challenge that celebrates all things pop culture.


Think of #DataPlusMusic as the Community’s local record shop—this challenge visualizes the data behind the music we all love. 


The #EduVizzers Community Project features education-related data sets. 


If you’re a gaming enthusiast, #GamesNightViz is a monthly data visualization challenge to practice your data visualization, data preparation, and design skills.


The #IronQuest challenge helps you practice your data viz and storytelling skills, while also preparing for #IronViz


#MakeoverMonday explores different perspectives and approaches to create more effective data visualizations. 


A weekly challenge to re-create data-driven visualization, #WorkoutWednesday is designed to kick-start your personal development in Tableau.


The #PreppinData challenge is focused on Tableau Prep and learning to prepare data. 


#ProjectHealthViz visualizes healthcare data sets. This project is also an effort to create a resource for Tableau users in healthcare to seek out each other and share visualizations.


The #PublicPolicyViz project uses public policy-related data sets to bridge the gap between data analytics and policy practitioners


The Real World Fake Data #RWFD challenge provides data sets for the Community to create business dashboards.


#SportsVizSunday focuses on data visualizations using sports-themed data sets.


#StorytellingWithData helps the Community hone their data viz and storytelling skills. 


Sign up for #VizOfficeHours to discuss data visualization content and ideas.


#VizForSocialGood supports nonprofit organizations—volunteers design data visualizations that help non-profits harness the power of data for social change.


Hosted by Tableau, the #DataPlusDiversity virtual event series provides a platform for community conversations surrounding the challenges and solutions to diversity in data.


#DataPlusWomen provides a platform for all data enthusiasts to learn new skills, share experiences, and broaden their networks while elevating women working in data. 


#DataPride celebrates the LGBTQ+ DataFam Community. 


The #DiversityInData initiative centers its data sets around diversity, equity & awareness.