Tableau's Momentum Is Building

Things are cooking here at Tableau - and it's not just because summer in Seattle has finally arrived.

This morning we released information about our growth. Bottom line is that in the first 6 months of 2010, we've more than doubled sales (compared to the first half 2009), introduced Tableau Public - a highly visible and widely adopted product that changes how people show and share data on the web, won a spate of awards, and hired bunches of great people. These all are exciting developments for us - ones that have had our CEO Christian Chabot confident in proclaiming "it is not a leap of the imagination to consider that Tableau is Seattle's next billion dollar software company."

And to top it off, yesterday Microsoft at the keynote speech for its 15,000 person Worldwide Partner Conference, demoed Tableau. Don Farmer called Tableau "one of our leading business intelligence partners". That's nice recognition from a much bigger player in our own backyard.

See what people are writing about our growth:

And check out Donald Farmer's demo here: The demo of Tableau starts at 01:43:20.

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