Tableau Conference 2022: Tips for in-person and virtual

Hear from the Tableau Community ahead of Tableau Conference 2022—what to know before you go in-person, or attend virtually.

Tableau Conference 2022 (TC22) is back in person—and virtual. With so much to learn and do, whether you’re heading to Vegas or tuning in from your computer, it’s time to get organized and maximize your #Data22 experience. Here’s what to know before you go. 

In-person: Viva Las Vegas

It’s been a minute since we’ve gathered in person, so let’s get back to basics. 

First, allow me to direct you to Sarah Bartlett’s comprehensive and entertaining 10 ways to connect with your data community at TC22. As a Tableau Visionary and certified Tableau Doctor, Sarah (@SarahLovesData on Twitter) isn’t new to Tableau Conference. She shares lessons learned from her previous four in-person conferences, along with a guide to the Tableau Community session options in Vegas. 

My favorite pro tip from Sarah: With so many sessions to choose from, narrow your focus with a conference learning objective. 

Take care of yourself

Your mental and physical health is the most important thing. Pack the essentials to stay healthy and refreshed, and take breaks when needed. 

As we ease back into the IRL world, our comfort levels are varied. You’ll have the option to display your personal interaction preferences with a festive wristband. Ready for hugs, go green! Fist bumps and elbows, think yellow. Greet from eight feet, go red.

I also recommend packing a COVID test or two. I recently took my first trip in two years and having a test handy gave me the peace of mind I needed! 

Save your seat

Take advantage of the schedule builder to save a seat for your favorite sessions and bookmark a few backups just in case. Popular sessions will fill up, so use the online schedule builder to ensure you can get in! Sign into the TC22 Event Portal to get started. 

Perfect your packing list

Pack light! Vegas is big—lugging around a large laptop bag is tiring, and at the end of the day, nobody wants to be stuck with the choice of carrying it all night or trekking back to your room before exploring the Strip. 

That said, pack smart. Here are my TC essentials: 

  • External battery pack and charging cable for my phone 
  • Headphones: The event team will broadcast sessions in the Sportsbook Hub in Data
  • Village, so bring your headphones to tune in from your phone
  • Your favorite Tableau or data-themed clothing
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Comfy walking shoes and socks
  • If you plan to step outside during the day, sunscreen and a hat!
  • Space … yes, pack space in your suitcase for all the swag you will bring home

Focus on the conference

I know, it can be hard to stay focused when work calls, emails, and meetings are all happening in the background. But try. I am a huge proponent of protecting your time, especially professional development time. Communicate with your team, and set the expectation that you will not be available during the event. After all, you want to take full advantage of all you can learn at the conference, and I’m sure your company wants that for you, too. 

For even more info, check out this helpful know before you go (KBYG) in person roundup. You’ll learn how to build your schedule and save your seat, find on-site activities, and keep track of your sessions, Braindates, and Tableau Doctor appointments in My TC22.

Virtual: Free worldwide broadcast

It’s pretty exciting to see the virtual conference option continue so those who can’t attend in person can still experience the Tableau Conference content. Plus, it’s free! So, how can you make the most of the virtual event?

Stay FOMO-free by making meaningful virtual connections 

I love this post from Priya Padham (@ppadham on Twitter), a Tableau Public Ambassador, three-time virtual attendee, and Tableau and Alteryx consultant at The Information Lab: 10 ways to make meaningful connections at TC22.

Despite never having attended Tableau Conference in person, Priya has made meaningful connections and engaged with the Tableau Community during TC. In fact, having the option to attend virtually has enabled London-based Priya to experience the magic of Tableau Conference and connect with data people from around the world. Her post also includes a helpful session directory of virtual community sessions. 

Focus on the conference

Sound familiar? The same staunch defense of your professional development time is needed for a virtual event—perhaps even more so because you are taking in the conference from your work desk. Turn off those pesky notifications, map out the sessions you want to view, and “close your door“ to avoid distractions.

Gather, if possible

If you’re back in the office, reserve a big conference room to tune into the Iron Viz and keynote broadcasts. Set up smaller conference rooms for popular sessions so people with like interests can view together. If you’re still 100% remote, consider gathering with local folks at a co-working space, or virtually with a platform like Zoom or Look for a Tableau User Group meeting in your area to do some in-person networking


Like Priya shared in her post, you can absolutely connect with the worldwide data community as a virtual attendee. Sign up for a virtual Tableau Doctor appointment. Use the event Slack channels to discuss the sessions and network with your DataFam. Also, be on the lookout for virtual hangouts—they’re a great way to network informally. 

For more info, check out the know before you go (KBYG) virtual guidance. Take a tour of the virtual event portal, and learn how to browse sessions, build your schedule, download calendar reminders, tune into the broad broadcast, join the Slack conversation, and keep track of it all in My TC22. 

Tableau Conference 2022 will be one to remember, however you attend! Be sure to share your conference takeaways (and pictures) using the #Data22 hashtag. To all those traveling to the in-person event, I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas May 17–19.