The Tableau Ambassador Program Is Expanding!

The Tableau Ambassador program has grown!

The Tableau Ambassador program has grown!

Last quarter, we introduced nine Tableau Community Forum members who really stuck out and deserved to be recognized. This quarter, we’ve added three additional Tableau enthusiasts from the Community Forum.

We've also recognized that the Community Forums are not the only place where we have amazing community members. We’re excited to announce our first-ever Tableau User Group Ambassadors and Tableau Ambassadors for Social Media (aka Social Ambassadors).

The User Group Ambassadors have proven they are natural born leaders by bringing together the masses in their areas. They share their Tableau knowledge and connect people with each other to help them grow.

The Social Ambassadors are rock stars on social media. Somehow they know where to find all the latest, greatest, and most useful content, and they share it on social media. Of course, they're producing a lot of this content themselves—and they're darn funny. You can follow the RSS feed curated and created by the Social Ambassadors at You can also find them on our Twitter list. And of course, you may just find yourself in a witty conversation with one of them on Twitter!

And so, I'd like to introduce to you to our newest Tableau Ambassadors: