Tableau 6.0 (now in beta) has a single goal: to change what you can achieve with data. It’s blazing speed against millions of rows. It’s the ability to blend multiple data sources with a simple drag-and-drop. It ‘s powerful calculations and what-if modeling with parameters. It’s new visual analytics features so good you could cry. It’s internet-scale performance and scalability.

It’s Rapid-Fire Business Intelligence and it’s coming right to your door.

We’re hitting the road with a preview of Tableau 6.0 to introduce you to this new release in person. You’ll have a chance to try Tableau 6.0 for yourself and meet Tableau executives and other Tableau users in your area. We’ll come bearing gifts for all and prizes for the lucky. And each event is free.

Find out where to meet us using the viz above. And watch this blog for information about how to register. We’ll see you soon!


Hey! That looks like google maps in that dash! Is there a doc that details how to do that?

Hey data rockstar - Registration is coming late next week. We'll send out an email if it's in your area plus we'll do another blog post.

Do you have any European events planned?

How do you register? What are the costs? How long is the course, 1 day 3 days, 5 days? Please peovide additional information.

In Europe just London, looks like a continent discrimination. It is just a joke, I understand, now you prefer to concentrate promotion on US.

Does 6.0 have any version control? I am having a nightmare keeping versions in sync and would love some ideas!

viz wiz,

The .twb files are simply XML text files, so you can run any standard version control system and check the .twb files in and out as easily as text files.

Well, just downloaded 6.0 and ran a test with a largish dataset of 12m rows. The first popup asked what I wanted to do with it, so I chose 'bring it into Tableau and use its spanking new data engine'. It took all of 4 seconds. Holy Cow!

My bad. I had a SELECT TOP 1000 clause in the view. Ahem. Took that out and the import took about 15 minutes. Still, no complaints, as the querying within Tableau is 'very' fast.

Sounds interesting! Let me know when I can register.

So how do you register for one of these events?

You guys need to come to Kansas City.. Use this as your base of operations while you're here:

Soooooo excited!

What are the new features/enhancements in 6.0?
Also, when is the official launch date?

Do you have a roadshow or conference planned for Asia. Considering the huge pool of analyst in Asia, it may be worth hosting it in Singapore / Australia / Shanghai.

where can i download a beta? I would like start testing phase.


I am loving 6.0 and I am excited for the road show.

In terms of the Viz (just my opinion) I might have experimented with some labeling (location name, date, etc.)on the map instead of the blocked colors.



You might think about coming out to RTP, NC??

Large concentration of Technology Companies, 4 major universities (including NC State's Advanced Analytics program), more PhD's per Sq Mile than anywhere else in the US; and SAS is in our backyard.

Is registration going to open up in the near future for the 6.0 road show? I could not locate the registration form for the Seattle or Bellevue shows.. Thanks