Some 6y Questions

Here at Tableau, we understand that a healthy part of any 6 life is a solid 6 education. We’ve been receiving a lot of great questions via email (, so let’s jump right in.

John asks: I have the Desktop version of Tableau 6 and wanted to publish to Tableau Public. Is that possible or do I need to have Tableau Server even to publish to Tableau Public?

John, as of today, our servers have all been upgraded, so the desktop version will work just fine for all your 6y desires. If you go to File->Tableau Public->Save to Web as, you can then publish to Tableau Public.

Tom asks: We are very excited as we will be joining the Tableau user family. The timing couldn’t be better since Tableau 6.0 is just being introduced. I look forward to using Tableau to its full potential. What do you recommend for new user to get up to speed as fast as possible in Tableau?

We recommend our on-demand training. You will find everything you need from learning how to connect, to publishing to server.

George has a quickie: Just downloaded Tableau 6 and am excited to play around! Just a quick question – can I clean up my PC and uninstall versions 5.1 and 5.2?

Hi George, thanks for downloading! We are sure you will love 6 as much as we do. You can uninstall all previous versions, but just know that the workbooks you create with 6 are not backwards compatible, so everyone you work with should update too.

Andrew writes: I've found that iPad is great in the office for meetings - to take notes and show off presentations. It would be great to be able to show Tableau worksheets in action. Any plans to port this functionality to iOS?

We know people like to use Tableau anytime, anywhere, so that’s a really great question. Vizes published to Tableau Server or Tableau Public will actually work fine on an iPad, even though we do not have an app for iOS for now.

Well, we hope you’ve found this useful so far. Stay tuned throughout the day as we reveal specific 6 techniques. And keep the questions coming!