Scoring your Iron Viz ideas

For the last few months, we've been gathering your ideas about Iron Viz and now it's time to put some data to these ideas.

We poured over tweets, blog posts (including Maggie Faber's and Ann Jackson's), Slack discussions, Fanalytics notes and conversations about Iron Viz to identify ideas you'd like to see us implement. We talked with Lorna Eden about the results her survey found (more about that in the FAQs, below), and learned we were seeing the same things. We turned to Maggie Faber and Lilach Manheim for help on study design - how to ask the community to rate the ideas while paying attention to bias in language and survey techniques.

Now it's time to open the survey to you, our community.

If you're ready to get started, just click the link below. The survey should take about 15 minutes and yes, it does work on a phone. If you want to know more about what will happen with these results or other questions you might have, scroll down to the FAQ section below.

Iron Viz Ideas - Community Scoring Survey

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this survey meant to score?
The goal of this survey is to measure the community's satisfaction or desire to see these ideas implemented. We're using a method called the KANO model, which is used by product designers to help identify product features. Each 'idea' will have a score that shows us how the community feels about that idea.

What will you do with the results?
At the same time the community is scoring the ideas for satisfaction or desire, Tableau Iron Viz stakeholders (anyone who touches Iron Viz in any capacity) will take a survey too. We'll use something called the How-Now-Wow matrix for their survey. That survey will help us understand feasibility. When we have the results from both surveys, we'll create a matrix that we hope will show us what the community desires compared with our ability to make it happen within our current system.

What about the other survey I took in November?
Thanks to the hard work of Lorna Eden, Emma Whyte, Emily Chen, Eva Murray, and Emily Kund, they have a head start on their survey analysis. We're working with them to schedule something in early 2018 to share their results with the community too.

Why is the survey so long? Why didn't you narrow it down to a smaller subset of ideas?
Our first draft of the ideas list was over 60 items long, but we realized there were a lot of duplicate (or very similar) ideas. We also saw more than a dozen individual feeder contest ideas, and made the decision to ask the question differently about feeder contests (we'll still keep those ideas warm, though!). Believe it or not, this list is half the size of when we started. The length is also deceptively long because of how we phrase questions in the KANO model. There are about 30 unique ideas, but twice the number of questions.

Will Tableau implement all of these ideas?
I can't say how many or which ideas Tableau will implement, at least not until we have a chance to look at the results. Some of the ideas are simple and don't require additional effort or budget to make happen, but others are quite the opposite. It might take a little time to settle into some ideas that work for the community and Tableau, and we're bound to get some things wrong (and right) along the way. Please keep the feedback coming, no matter what.

Will we be able to see the results of the Tableau Iron Viz stakeholders survey?
That's the plan, yes. It will all be part of the same Tableau workbook (surprise!) that we'll publish with a summary of recommendations.

My suggestion isn't in here. What gives?
We did our best to include all of the ideas we saw, sometimes adding detail in descriptions (but not in the questions themselves). If we've missed your idea, there's a comment section at the very bottom of the survey - please include it there.

Why are you collecting my email address?
Your email address will be removed from the results of the survey, and is only meant to be used within the context of this project. Plus, we're holding a raffle at the end of the survey collection and need a way to get in touch with you if you win swag!

Can I share this survey with others?
Yes, please do! You can share this blog post or this URL for easy access: The survey will remain open until we have at least 200 responses.

Still have questions, comments or concerns? Reach out to me and tell me what's on your mind.
- jenny

Iron Viz Ideas - Community Scoring Survey

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