Visualization of pubs disappearing in Britain

Everyone loves their local bar, but no nation holds their local watering holes closer to their hearts than the British. Unfortunately, a dataset we snagged from the Guardian Datablog indicates that bleeding hearts do not necessarily translate into action: pubs have been disappearing for thirty years. The idea of the local pub is favorable to many Britons, but actually going to one is another matter entirely. Investigate for yourself below.

Despite a rising population, it is clear that the corner pub is in danger of extinction. Britons have gone from having a roomy 1/800th of a pub to themselves in the 1970's to less than 1/1100th of a pub today. Clearly, this level is far below that needed to maintain decorum.

Why we like this viz

Custom shapes: use an appropriate object in a viz, rather than a circle or a square. Your audience will understand the viz quicker and it looks much better.

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