Check out our on-the-spot video recordings of keynote speakers from Day Two (Tuesday, July 22) of Tableau's first ever Customer Conference. They include videos of Stephen Few and Pat Hanrahan.

+ Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge kicked us off in the morning with a talk about "Now You See It". His talk was smart, inspriational, aspirational, funny and thoughtfully reflective. Overall, a rousing hit.
+ Right after that, Steve along with Tableau's Jock Mackinlay and Erin Easter did an interactive "Extreme Makeover: Viz Edition". We asked conference attendees to submit their visualizations and Steve, Jock and Erin reacted real-time with positive comments and suggestions for improvements.
+ Stanford Professor and Tableau CTO Pat Hanrahan closed the official part of our conference with an inspiring and thoughtful talk that described how a picture can be worth 10,000 words.


When I click on the link no video loads for me.

Is there any plan to video all the sessions at this year's conference? I'm attending but I'd love to be able to have a copy of the ones I'm attending as well as have an opportunity to see the ones I won't be able to attend.

Hi Mel - Yes, for the 2009 Tableau Customer Conference (#TCC2009). we're videotaping nearly all (if not all) of the break-out sessions. We aren't recording the general sessions so be sure and catch those live. See you soon!