Online videos of Stephen Few and Pat Hanrahan keynotes at Tuesday's Tableau Conference

Check out our on-the-spot video recordings of keynote speakers from Day Two (Tuesday, July 22) of Tableau's first ever Customer Conference. They include videos of Stephen Few and Pat Hanrahan.

+ Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge kicked us off in the morning with a talk about "Now You See It". His talk was smart, inspriational, aspirational, funny and thoughtfully reflective. Overall, a rousing hit.

+ Right after that, Steve along with Tableau's Jock Mackinlay and Erin Easter did an interactive "Extreme Makeover: Viz Edition". We asked conference attendees to submit their visualizations and Steve, Jock and Erin reacted real-time with positive comments and suggestions for improvements.

+ Stanford Professor and Tableau CTO Pat Hanrahan closed the official part of our conference with an inspiring and thoughtful talk that described how a picture can be worth 10,000 words.

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