Inside Healthcare Computing Reports Major Hospital Saved $20 Million with Tableau Software

We love it when we learn about customers not only creating insightful and beautiful visualizations but also (and more importantly) creating real value for their organizations. As a recent article in Inside Healthcare Computing reported, a major hospital in Ohio "avoids $20 Million in denials in one year using IT-recommended $1,800 software package". That $1,800 package was Tableau Desktop. How did they do it? Our client told it best. We've also got a case study.

In essence, they needed to crunch massive amounts of information to identify the source of insurance company claims processing problems. They said that most of the big savings came from simply getting work to the right person faster.

We hear that a lot from customers - "it saved us days, weeks, even months." Many times, they are talking about their own personal productivity. But just as often, they are talking about more rapidly getting useful information into the hands of people who can do something about it.

People quote "time is money" all the time. Usually, it's just a meaningless cliche. But in this case, it's real.

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