Thanks to our customers, Inc. 500 ranks Tableau as one of nation's 500 fastest growing companies

We're honored that Inc. magazine has ranked Tableau as one of the nation's 500 fastest growing companies in its annual "Inc. 500" list. We have only our customers to thank.

Thanks to them, we at Tableau...

  • Saw our revenue grow by over 600% from 2005 to 2008.
  • Are the only data visualization or business intelligence software provider to be named this year.
  • Build products that people love, based on insight and feedback from from our customers and partners.

So in keeping with our theme to make things visual, beautiful and easily understood, we took the Inc. 500 list and made several interactive data visualizations.

Below is one that lets you explore the interaction of revenue with employees and average growth. No surprises on the positive correlations - but it's interesting to select different industries and see how the slope of the trendline changes. Click on any mark and get more detailed profile information from the Inc. 500 website.

Industry Dashboard
Industry Dashboard

It's also fun to look at a detailed listing of the honorees. The Tableau viz below shows the detailed list and includes their growth rate, employees and revenue in millions. You can filter not only by growth multiplier but also by region and decade founded. I'm always fascinated to see how the regions I've lived in vary on business growth.

Dashboard 1
Dashboard 1

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