Jock Mackinlay: Visualization Award Winner & Bohemian

Yesterday in Atlantic City, Dr. Jock Mackinlay, Tableau’s Director of Visual Analysis, was honored with the IEEE 2009 Visualization Technical Achievement Award. Jock was recognized for his seminal technical work on automatic presentation tools and new visual metaphors for information and data visualization.

We're all excited about the award here at Tableau, but we already knew that Jock is a brilliant guy and much more. Dan Jewett, Tableau's VP of Product Management, describes Jock this way:

"He's passionate, thoughtful, and well-rounded. He really is a bohemian. If it were 100 years ago, he'd be one of those guys sitting in a cafe and talking big ideas." Jock's also an evangelist for better math curriculum in local schools, a rock climber, and a parent.

Jock at the Tableau Software 3.0 ship party, celebrating with colleagues.

To get a taste for some of Jock's work, check out:

Congratulations Jock, the award is well-deserved and we're proud to work with you.

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