Ferrari North America Talks "Business Intelligence with Simplicity" at IDC BI Event

Ferrari North America recently told their BI story at an IDC Business Intelligence symposium in NYC. Sandro Levati, FNA's Director of IT, described how he and his small IT team faced an almost prototypical BI problem: a time-consuming, inflexible and error-prone process with limited data analysis capabilities set amidst a sea of dispersed data, static reports from IT, and too many Excel spreadsheets. Their solution for the right BI for Ferrari NA? It all revolved around keeping it simple.

From the start, Sandro defined that simplicity was the key to having a successful, useful BI system. Keeping it simple meant gaining adaptability, flexibility, increased efficiency, more control and cost savings.

Sandro shared his slides with us which are represented below. It shows how his focus on simplicity led him to Tableau and how Tableau, along with a smart architecture, made it easy to “see interdependencies, see vulnerabilities, diagnose problems, and implement changes."

Sandro's story -- how the power of simplicity worked so well for a company that builds one of the most sophisticated and most technically advanced vehicles today -- is inspiring. If you'd like to read more about FNA's BI success, check out the IDC case study.

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