Are you a data rockstar?
Our Marketing team got home last night from a long Vegas trip. We started our adventure by attending the Eloqua Customer Conference and then moved over to the DMA 08 Conference. At the DMA show we helped direct marketers find their inner data rockstar with a little Wii Rock Band. The competition to claim the top prize was fierce. Intense enough to even trigger a game scoring controversy. Below is the Leader Board.

Tableau Data Rockstar

Utah loves their data rockstars!
Utah delivered a lot of players and some big scores.

Tableau Software Data Star

The most popular songs were the least enjoyable to listen to...
If I hear Roxanne or Should I Stay or Should I Go one more time, I'll need a lot more beer than we had in the booth.

Data Star

Explore the rockstar data.

+ Download a 14-day Tableau Desktop trial -or- download free Tableau Reader.

+ Download the Rockstar packaged workbook. The file includes the views and data shown above. Open it up in either Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader and have a jam session with Rock Band data.



Andy and Clayton, any time you want to play just let me know!

Neat product, and fun booth.

How did you get the rockband data from the console to the computer (to import into Tableau). I have Rockband 2 for the xbox360, any tips or pointers for getting access to the performance data?

Thanks in advance

We manually entered the names, scores, geography and other info into an Access file during the show. The views are based on Tableau connected to that Access file. I'm not sure if it possible to export data out of Xbox.