Enter Tableau's Data Rockstar Viz Challenge

Data RockstarYesterday we kicked off Tableau's Data Rockstar Viz Challenge.

The challenge, while having prizes, is mostly about having fun with visual analysis and showing off mad Tableau skills.

Two data sets stand at the center of the challenge. The first is 2007 mortgage information and the other is proposed stimulus spending.

Given the data, we initially considered calling it the cause and effect viz challenge. However, we were reminded by columnist Paul Krugman that subprime lending was only a small fraction of the problem – so we kept the data rockstar theme. Now if we could just throw a rockstar party with some stimulus money.

Speaking of that vast sum of money, one of our manufacturing customers read about the challenge. He called me up and wanted to chat about the stimulus data and its potential windfall for his company. So we jumped on a GoToMeeting and built an interactive business dashboard based on the stimuluswatch.org data. The new stimulus dashboard lets his dealers quickly find proposed projects in their territory. (I'll reveal the dashboard when the challenge ends.)

The conversation left me wondering if chasing the pig is a viable business strategy during the stimulus years?

But I digress, here is the challenge link. And make sure to enter a viz – you might get a surprise in the mail.

Finally, here's a video on how to enter. We can't wait to see the stellar vizes and dashboards you create.