Clint of instant cognition found himself in need of a calendar view of data. He worked through the problem with a little help and posted the how-to.

calendar data visualization

Thanks, Clint! What we learned:

  • It’s easy to build a calendar view in Tableau
  • It’s harder than it should be to get the data into that view
  • Tableau Sales Engineer Ty Alevizos rocks (though we had a hunch this was the case)

He must have liked working it out: “Yeah, color me converted! Thx. for the props. I am really enjoying Tableau.”

Not Endorsed by Data Geeks

But Clint is right: data purists know that a calendar view is rarely the best way to present time-series data. If you want to play with a calendar, here’s a downloadable workbook for visualizing sales in a month.

What about you? Would you use a calendar view in Tableau? If you were in Clint’s shoes, would you build the view or try to retrain the users?


@Ellie - Here is an image of a variation on the theme. It illustrates the opportunity to fill cells conditionally based on the values in another field. In this case, the color of each day is based on a calculated field: [Day_color = MAX([Region]). MAX(Region]) is now also part of Clint's inventive/mind-blowing original [Day Calc] calculated field, which now reads:

str(MIN(DAY([Order Date])))+"

s: "+str(round(SUM([Sales]),2))+"
p: "+str(round(SUM([Profit]),2))+"
Max p: $"+str(round(max([Profit]),2))+"

Best as I can tell, [Day Color] resolves to the [Region] with the MAXimum profit for the [Day] in question. If I am mistaken, it was worth a try. Otherwise, kewl!

This approach might be of some help to Jawon, in answering his question on the Tableau Desktop Basics Forum, which was:

"If I have a variable in the Text shelf, is there a way to conditionally format the background of a cell? For example, I have the State variable in the Text shelf. I want the cell background where State="IL" to be red. Possible?"


Peace and All Good!
Michael W Cristiani
Market Intelligence Group, LLC

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