You cannot put a bar chart on a map with Tableau, but now there is an alternative that can accomplish the same task for some applications. The view you see below was created by Vanya Tucherov and Raif Majeed, two of our resident dev-hero's, using Gantt bars instead of pie charts.

This must be complex, right? It's not! Just make your view as you normally would if you were going to use pies, then switch your mark type to Gantt. There you have it, bars on a map. This won't work perfectly for all applications, but it can be an interesting way to avoid pies on occasion.


is there a way to stack them?


If you wanted to stack the bars, and have them floating, you would have to preprocess your data, but you you want to stack bars and put them on a map, I think you would be better off with a pie chart on a map. Take a look at this: compared to the above. Pies on a map may not be the best way to display the data, but it would be better than stacked or overlain bars on a map.

Here is an example of data preprocessed that gives you the effect of floating bars (plus dots and lines):

That makes sense. Thanks Joe!