On Wednesday, Alex Rodriguez became only the seventh player in Major League Baseball to hit 600 career home runs in a game against the Toronto Blue Jays. The road was difficult, having gone 46 at-bats without a homer. However, once he found the pitch he wanted, it was history. Take a look at every pitch he saw during the game below.

As you can see, Shaun Marcum (the Blue Jays pitcher) wanted to keep the ball away from A-Rod as much as possible. However, even the tiniest slip of the finger in a 90 MPH pitch can result in the perfect, slightly inside fastball.

Thanks to Jesse Gebhardt for this amazing viz.


That's a really inventive way to include graphics in your viz, Ross. Nice work!

Thanks! But its all Jesse's doing.

Great viz, Jesse. Very creative. I love seeing Tableau applied in unconventional ways which demonstrate the flexibility of the tool. I especially like the re-orientation of the righties and lefties.

One nit: It looks like the "At Bat" colors are in synch with the mouse-over description, but the numbers in the legend don't line up.

And Where did you get the pitch location data, and how did you make it "Vizzable"? Did it require a lot of transformation and scrubbing? Is other information available on each pitch like speed (mph) and pitch type (fastball, breaking ball, etc.) which could also be incorporated ? Might be cool to use the SHAPE dimension to indicate pitch type.

One other possible enhancement - Face cut-outs with photos for each of the batters. . . .Kidding.

Great job!

This is awesome!! Planning to use this workbook in one of my project. Can anyone share the database for this workbook?