DC's CTO to Take Top IT Post in Obama Administration - Big Believer in Data Openness

Nextgov.com and other sources are reporting that Vivek Kundra, the District of Columbia's chief technology officer to take the top information technology post in the federal government.

This is good news for those of us who believe that analytics and business intelligence need to go way beyond their current audiences. Kundra already has experience in bringing analytics and BI to the masses. Since arriving in DC 2 years ago, he's made virtually every database public. This is the real meaning of a digital democracy: when citizens are informed, they can think through lawmakers’ proposals and comment in an intelligent way. And it’s a hot topic right now.

The City of DC is a key Tableau customer - we're proud to work with them. We've got some examples up on our e-Government applications pages. Their data program manager Phil Heinrich spoke not too long ago with Ted Cuzzillo of TDWI about the City of DC's analytic efforts using Tableau. District of Columbia's Capstat Presentation Using Tableau

Obama’s administration has already shown a predisposition to openness. We'll definitely enjoy seeing how Kundra brings his brand of openness experience making that real to the Federal level.

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