6 Tweets

The tweets just keep rolling in! Thanks to everyone who asked questions, shared experiences and enjoyed launching Tableau 6 with us this week over Twitter. It has been an amazing week and we're sure it is a sign of things to come.

Here are some of our favorite moments from the past couple days.

Love this...

Bang! Blazing fast is right...

Mark Retires His Cube

Thanks Mark and believe us, its our pleasure!

Save the day with 6- your way

All new

Maybe not all new, but it sure does feel like it!

Nothing wrong with that

In case you missed it

That's not all! Everyone seemed to be getting into the spirit.

  • I feel like a kid on Christmas eve waiting on Christmas morning, but instead it's the eve of the release of Tableau 6
  • I am basking in the joy of 6! The thing I like most about it? It makes me want to share the love!
  • Heading home! Feeling 6y! I hope the wife doesn't mind me spending time with someone new....
  • I finally figured out the joy of 6 today. Turns out, I was doing it all wrong. It’s all about having good visualizations.
  • The joy of 6 is awesome. At my age, I thought I’d need a pill or something.
  • I'm a total 6 addict..
  • Tableau 6: Finally we can make this relationship public
  • If you need to play with your data then Tableau 6 is the best. Not just for number crunchers!
  • It's 6am, having my first real 6 experience. Feel Empowered to analyse! Worth the wait
  • Wow. Data collection and prep is a big part of any analy project, and Tableau helps, even with data quality testing

Thanks everyone for an amazing launch and a really fun week.