Best of the Tableau Web: Reflections, predictions, and plans

Welcome to 2020! A new decade lies ahead, and with it, more great content from you, the Tableau community. In this month’s review, I’ll start with a moment of humility—and an apology. Brandi Beals’ first post in 2 years was titled “When Andy Cotgreave calls you out.” She recounts how, upon meeting me at Tableau Conference in Las Vegas, my first words were “Hi Brandi, It’s great to finally meet you. You stopped blogging.” On reflection, I can see how that might be a more intimidating opening to a conversation than I had intended! Brandi – I apologise if I freaked you out. If it started a new thread of creativity, then I’m glad for the happy accident.

A more general reflection from reading Brandi’s post is about how I curate this series. I enjoy everyone’s posts and especially look forward to posts from excellent writers. To every single one of you who writes a blog or records a video: thank you. If all you ever do is make one piece of content: well done. If other things get in the way: rest assured, that is fine with me! Life doesn’t start and end with Tableau, and I value everyone’s contributions—whatever their frequency.

With so many projects and opportunities to get involved in the Tableau community, it can feel overwhelming when thinking about where to start and dealing with the pressure of content creation. Our lives are busy and we have to make difficult choices on where to focus. To anyone who is a content maker: if it ever feels like a burden, take a break.

This month’s list looks at the best posts from December, so there is a lot of reflective and predictive content. Adam Mico curated an incredible set of reflections on the Tableau community and believe me when I say this post was extensively shared here at Tableau. The passion that you all bring to the community is what keeps us driven to extend our platform.

If 2020 feels like it’s your year to get involved, check out his post and then look at some of the community activities you could get involved in.

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