Best of the Tableau Web: Developing your Tableau skills

Welcome to my August review of the best blogs and podcasts shared by the Tableau community. Sometimes people say they don’t know how to get started or that they find some content intimidating. I understand that sentiment⁠—the Iron Viz entries showcase people with very impressive skills. But you shouldn’t be intimidated; everyone entering Iron Viz was a beginner once. The hardest step is the first one. Fortunately, our community is wonderful at helping out beginners.

This month, I wanted to highlight a couple of excellent places you can start in order to develop your skills. First of all, I’d highly recommend you get a Tableau certification. This requires practice and a bit of dedication, but it is easier when you have someone to follow along with. That’s why Catherine Rietman’s blog series is so exciting—she is chronicling her journey to becoming a Tableau Desktop Specialist. If you’ve ever thought of getting certified, following along with Catherine will really help. There’s more: Sarah Jellence also gave her certification tips following her own successful test. And as you develop your skills, you’ll begin to explore all the chart types you can build in Tableau. Kevin Flerlage launched his ambitious Tableau Chart Catalogue in August, and it’s a rich resource of examples of just about every practical chart you could ever want to build in Tableau.

Finally, one last note about Iron Viz: “Win or learn, you can’t lose.” That’s a very deliberately chosen motto. Entering Iron Viz, no matter your skill level, makes you a winner. Chris Love wrote a great reflective post about this, which I recommend. All of us at Tableau love seeing people get involved—it’s the single most important step you can take to improving your skills and bringing more voices to our wonderful #datafam.


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