Five years of supporting our communities

It’s a Friday morning and Tableau volunteers are helping sort produce at FamilyWorks Food Bank in Wallingford, Seattle. Several volunteers biked from Tableau headquarters, just a mile south of the food bank. FamilyWorks is an important community partner for many Tableau employees. In addition to regularly hosting Tableau volunteers, FamilyWorks has received Community Grants from Tableau Foundation for the last five years.

Since launching Community Grants in 2015, Tableau Foundation has granted over $800,000 to organizations, like FamilyWorks, that are working to make the communities where we have offices healthy, stronger, and more vibrant for everyone. Our goal is to partner with and support our local nonprofits. We are always looking for ways to make our processes more efficient, so that nonprofits can focus on what matters most. One of Tableau’s core values is to “keep it simple,” and we apply that philosophy to our Community Grants as well. We keep the application short and straightforward so that nonprofits don’t have to devote hours that they could otherwise spend serving clients. Additionally, our grant funding is general and unrestricted, which gives nonprofits flexibility in how they choose to use the resources.

“When Tableau first arrived in the neighborhood, they sought out local nonprofits like FamilyWorks, to ask how they could best support the community. That was refreshing! Since that time, our partnership has grown in meaningful ways and is significant for us in our ability to offer nutritious food and essential resources—through their grants, group volunteering, technical assistance, and in-kind support. They have made a positive imprint in strengthening the community.” – Jake Weber, Executive Director FamilyWorks.

Volunteer groups of Tableau employees lead the Community Grant process from local offices. It’s an opportunity for employees to direct resources to organizations they are passionate about and to get involved in their communities. This is especially important for young professionals and employees who are new to a city. With so many great causes, it can be hard to decide where to spend your paid volunteer day-off. Community Grants allow employees to see firsthand the good work and services accomplished by nonprofits in our communities.

This year we will donate nearly $275,000 of unrestricted funding in a record number of communities—Austin, Boston, Dublin, Kirkland, London, Palo Alto, Seattle, Singapore, Vancouver, and Washington DC. Applications are now open for nonprofits in these cities—so help us spread the word to the nonprofits in your community that matter most!

Apply now for a Tableau Foundation Community Grant

The deadline for applications is July 19, 2019. Don’t delay! You can find more information and apply here.

For more information about past grantees or about Tableau Foundation, our Living Annual Report (below) offers a transparent view into the organizations we’ve helped support.

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