Oh, the places we'll go! Announcing DataDev Hackathon locations

Developers at the TC18 Hackathon

Last month, we announced the #DataDev Hackathon series, which actually kicks off Thursday, February 21 and goes through Friday, February 22 in Seattle. Don’t worry, there’s still time to register and join in the coding fun!

We took our popular hackathon from Tableau Conference and decided to expand the event to connect with our global developer community, vet ideas for extensions, fine-tune the Tableau platform for specific use cases, and create ways to innovate for Tableau customers worldwide. This unique community is growing and we want to foster opportunities for developers to interact with one another and make Tableau better for all.

We gave the reigns to you, asking you to vote on where to host future hackathons in 2019. The votes are in! Here are the locations you chose for the 2019 DataDev hackathons:

  • April 11-12, 2019: Chicago - Registration is open now.
  • May 2019: TBD
  • June 2019: New York
  • July 2019: Palo Alto
  • August 2019: Virtual
  • September 2019: London
  • November 2019: Las Vegas - Tableau Conference

We can’t wait to meet you, have dedicated time to connect on ideas for extensions, give the lay of the land for APIs and other developer tools, and have fun hacking on the Tableau platform. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what two hack alumni—who happen to be venerable Zen Masters—have to say about the event:

"I was amazed at the last hackathon. This is by developers for developers, and the amount of support I received from the Tableau platform team was awesome! The Extensibility Team helped me push beyond my limits and I built solutions that I was not even thinking of before I got to the hack."

"We had a great time at the TC18 Hackathon! We got to meet other hackers and had a chat with Tableau team! It is the place where everyone has the same passion: hacking on the Tableau platform!"

Snacks, swag, and prizes—oh my!

We’re excited to host all our developer community at each hack. We’ll make sure you’re fed, fueled, have access to our engineering team - and get some awesome “hack packs” as gifts to boot!

What do you get for spending time having fun, building your hack idea? A first-time-ever, custom Seattle hack trophy. (It’s cool, we promise. Don’t worry, we’ll have custom trophies for other cities as well.) And the winning hack team will receive complimentary tickets to this year’s Tableau Conference in Las Vegas!

You read that right. You and your crew—or just you, if you’re a solo hacker—can win tickets to attend TC19 in Vegas. We can hear your jaw drop from here, so pick it back up, and begin brainstorming on what you want to build.

But wait, there’s more! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be joined by Azuqua, as a sponsor for our 2019 DataDev Hackathon series.

Azuqua is a cloud app integration and workflow automation platform. (What that means in plain English is that Azuqua allows people to take data from one app, like Tableau, and have it drive actions in other downstream apps based on your specific business logic.) Best of all, the platform is no-code, so even non-developers, like many of your users, can attend the hackathon and do amazing things with Tableau APIs.

Here’s a word from Azuqua:

"We’re thrilled to continue working with Tableau on allowing more people to not only see and understand data, but to take action on that data so they can automate critical tasks. Azuqua helps create tickets in ServiceNow when a Tableau Server extract refresh fails or develops powerful automated processes across multiple systems based on insights generated from Tableau. Learn more about how you can work with Azuqua and Tableau’s API here and then get started with a free, 14-day trial. We look forward to seeing you at the hackathons!"

Come meet both the Tableau Developer Program and Azuqua teams at the Seattle hack! Register here.

Is it your first hackathon and want to know what to expect? Or do you have an idea and want to make sure it’s something you can hack on at the event? Contact us at developerprogram@tableau.com or tweet your questions with #DataDev and our developer evangelists will be in touch!

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