The Tableau Ambassador program was launched back in August 2015 with eight intrepid Community members, passionate about Tableau, and committed to help build and grow our vibrant community! Today, the Ambassador program has grown to include representatives of user groups, social media mavens, Tableau Public leaders, and forum moderators that help serve our more than 100,000 passionate users.

A team of Tableau staff that is dedicated to these areas of focus come together annually to select new ambassadors that equally embody the spirit of our company. Today we are thrilled to announce the selection of eight new, top contributors to serve as Ambassadors for the Tableau Community! These new inductees were chosen because they lead by example with creative community solutions, providing valuable feedback, and fostering the collaborative spirit that we value in our community.

In the Tableau community forums you will find our ambassadors helping users to troubleshoot technical and product issues. When people are trying to learn how to start with Tableau - or to learn something new - the ambassadors support them, and offer resources and guidance. Our ambassadors share great product feedback in the Ideas section and also contribute to our community by hosting user groups—both in-person and virtually—which empowers data lovers of all skill levels to collaborate and grow. Additionally, new ambassadors share their passion for Tableau across their social media channels, and create beautiful, creative vizzes on topics ranging from Godzilla invasion Route and Damage to Women and Equality in National Parliaments.

Please join us in welcoming our new Tableau Ambassadors and follow them in the Tableau Community!

To learn more about the Tableau Ambassador program, and to see all of our Ambassadors, visit our Tableau Ambassadors page.


How can one become a tableau ambassador?

Hi Pooja! Great question. Tableau Ambassadors are selected by a committee of Tableau employees in four key areas: Community Forums, User Groups, Social, and Tableau Public. We are in these spaces every day and look for those leaders that are ensuring that questions in the forums are getting answered, to sharing insightful data and visualizations tips and tricks, to leading user groups, and more. These exceptional community builders are the essence of what Tableau believes in and we are fortunate to have them.

Going forward new ambassadors will be selected once a year, and announced in July. If you would like to nominate someone or learn more please feel free to reach out to our team in the Community Forums or check out the Community Canvas!

Thank you!
- Amanda

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You all are inspirations to those of us within the Tableau community. Congrats Ann and Franca -- well deserved recognition for your great work. Kudos to the other new Ambassadors as well -- I look forward to getting to know more about you and your work in the near future! Hope to see you at TCC17.

Hi, Amanda, how are you?

When did the entries for the 2018 Tableau Ambassadors program open?

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