Good news, fantasy-football fans! We've got a secret weapon to help you improve your chances of winning: data!

Meet Curtis Harris. Last year, Curtis won the title in what he describes as a "long-running, highly-competitive league."

So how'd he do it? He spent hours collecting data, then creating a data-driven drafting model. He's since automated his data collection using Python, and lucky for us, he's created this dashboard.

Explore the data to find the best players. Curtis suggests focusing on players with a low coefficient of variation (meaning the player stays consistent throughout the season) and high points per game.

For more details on how to build a winning fantasy-football team, read Curtis's blog post.

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I am relatively new to tableau . I had a question , is this workbook already hooked to the data you mentioned via anaconda or will I have to plug it using the code you mentioned here .


Is there a way to get this to open in Tableau 9.1?

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