Tableau named top analytics tool by the 'Yelp of enterprise technology'

We live in a time when what a customers says about a business is weighted far greater than what that business says itself. Said another way: Yelp has replaced the restaurant website as the authority on where to eat.

So we loved to see that Computer World’s IT Central Station—the “Yelp of enterprise technology”—listed Tableau as its top-rated business intelligence tool through January 2016. You can read the full report here.

These ratings are based on the reviews of people who use analytics every day. Here are some of the things they had to say:

  • “It has given us faster reporting, resulting in better management of the information and better usage of information in decision-making.”
  • “Extends to hundreds of users on a single server in my organisation without any issues.”
  • “Brings significant extra agility to the organisation and a model of greater co-operation between business units and IT department.”
  • “Easily the most user-friendly (particularly for non-technical users) BI tool I’ve ever used.”
  • “No one has come close to unseating Tableau.”

One thing that we hear time and time again from our customers is the value of the Tableau community. We’re fortunate to have a dedicated, talented group of data professionals in our community. A network of people who share knowledge, help each other, and give a company honest feedback is not a nice side benefit of enterprise software. It’s becoming essential.

Thank you to everyone who reviewed Tableau on IT Central Station. And thank you to the Tableau community, which every day shows people how to get more from their data. We’re proud to be a part of it.

Visit IT Central Station's website to view all of the ratings and read reviews (login required).

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