Tableau-Powered Fireworks, Partial-Period Tip among Best of the Tableau Web

Talk about a Tableau way to ring in the new year. The folks at the Information Lab Germany kicked off 2016 in style: with a fireworks display animated in Tableau!

If you’d like to reverse-engineer their work, download the workbook here.

With Tableau, you never stop learning. For instance, Andy Cotgreave recently learned you can move labels in Tableau. I recently learned that the order of dimensions on the marks shelf (as well as how they are sorted) influences the position of marks in view, as was pointed out by @helpmedatablick. Ever felt like you have no control over the algorithms underlying the treemaps and bubble charts? Take charge!

Here are some more food for thought, from basic tips to the super-hacky and everything in between:

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Dashboard Design

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