Star Wars: The Vizzes Continue

We’ve sure been having a geeky month here at Tableau. It all started when we built a Web Data Connector (WDC) to the Star Wars API. Then, we watched as you, our downright-stellar community, put our data to work. (We couldn’t resist that pun.)

The Star Wars data fever didn’t end there, though. In the nearly two weeks since Episode VII’s release, dozens of visualizations have popped up all over the web. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Box-Office Data Vizzes: Since the release of The Force Awakens, box-office data has been truly hot stuff. In this viz, Ty Fowler of Evolytics compares Episode VII to hundreds of other box-office legends (shown below). This viz by InterWorks' Garrett Sauls looks at several financial stats across the entire Star Wars franchise. And the Kogod School of Business at American University visualized the entire box-office earnings of Star Wars actors.
  2. The Force Accounted: Bloomberg scoured every minute of the Star Wars films to create this interactive visualization of the Force. Scroll through the page to see increasingly detailed information about the Force. This one’s good for newbies and devoted fans alike.

  3. Star Wars Sentiment Analysis: We could spend hours playing with this visualization by Adam McCann. In fact, we’d recommend grabbing a bucket of popcorn and walking through his entire analysis of A New Hope, in chronological sequence.
  4. Star Wars Sentiment Analysis

  5. Aligning the stars of Star Wars: Which other movies have Star Wars actors starred in? This interactive chart by the Associated Press lets you explore which movies include more than one actor from Star Wars.

  6. Star Wars WDC Stats: Of course, we wanted to try our own hand at the Star Wars WDC! Steve Scamihorn of our Marketing Operations team created this thorough rundown of all the statistics available in the WDC. If this viz makes you want to play with this data set, then try it out here! Or, check out our version for Vizable.
  7. Star Wars WDC Stats

Still got the Star Wars data fever? Join the conversation with #StarWarsData! Tweet a Star Wars-themed data set, visualization, or anything else that strikes your data-loving fancy.

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