Jumpstart your sales analytics with new templates for Salesforce.com

For those of you working with Salesforce data, we've got great news. We're releasing templates for Salesforce data. These pre-built dashboards will get you going with pipeline management, sales reports, and leads analysis.

Each of the dashboards is set to use standard Salesforce tables and be geographically agnostic. What this means is they should work for any Salesforce implementation. They won't have your custom tables, but you can use Tableau Desktop to add them.

There are five templates:

  1. Sales summary
  2. Opportunity report
  3. Lead management
  4. Pipeline management
  5. A personal dashboard intended for a salesperson

Each of the templates is saved with local data. To use your own Salesforce data and set it to update on a schedule, watch the video. There are also detailed instructions on the Salesforce Templates page, where you can download the templates.

Be sure to leave us a comment if you use the templates and have any feedback.

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