At the end of last year, we announced our 3-minute win challenge, asking you to show us what you could build from scratch in Tableau in 3 minutes or less. We didn't know what to expect, but your submissions blew us away. In fact, the challenge has been so popular that we're going to keep it open for a few more rounds. Each month, we'll choose our favorites, announce them here on the blog, and send each of the "3-minute winners" an ever-coveted DATA hoodie. Read on to see who took the prizes this month!

Josh Milligan from Teknion wowed us with an exploration of loan delinquency in 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

(Josh also took Twitter by storm with a 3-minute win that proves once and for all that you don't want to be wearing a red uniform on Star Trek.)

Mark Jackson from Piedmont Healthcare gave us a sobering look at the nuclear bombs dropped worldwide in the past 70 years.

Recent Manhattan transplant Peter Gilks, from Slalom, explored NYC's 311 data.

Javod from Interworks built a dashboard that explored the financial and critical success of film trilogies.

Congratulations to this round's winners! Learn how to submit your own video for the next round of the challenge.


I guess I should join Twitter! :)

Congratulations to everyone and I'm looking forward to Round 2!

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