Visa Europe Gets Employees Charged Up About Data

If you’ve ever received a credit card bill, you can imagine the type of structured data that Visa Europe employees are handling.

Dates, vendors, amounts—transaction details. And to some, perhaps, this data is dry. But to others, the stories hidden within that data are a goldmine of information...if you know how to read the stories.

Sometimes the story in a Visa statement is pretty clear.
The stories hidden within Visa Europe's transactions data can tell a skilled reader a great deal about purchasing trends, economic changes and credit risks. Simon Gatenby. VP of Segmentation & Targeting, Visa Europe, is exactly that kind of skilled data interpreter.

But not everyone could see what Simon and his team could see in the data. But putting that information in formats that other people could understand—that was a real challenge.

After getting frustrated with long projects resulting in poor quality deliverables, Simon went looking for a new solution. And after choosing Tableau, he saw results fast.

“With a 12-week implementation, we are able to deliver something quickly that is sharper and more engaging than anything we've been able to do in the past,” Simon says.

Today, Simon and his team is finding it easier to share his insights with others, thanks to the compelling, easily-understood visualizations in Tableau.

Check out the full case study:

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