French Marketing Agencies and 1980s Classic Rock

What do French marketing agencies and 1980s classic rock have in common? The number fifty-five.

To 80s rock fans, hearing that number immediately brings to mind a particular Sammy Hagar song.

But to French marketing agency, fifty-five, the number isn't just a name--it’s also a goal.

You see, in brick-and-mortar stores, approximately 55 out of 100 people entering the store will leave with a purchase in-hand.

But when you look at e-commerce sites, a recent study (April 2013, French e-commerce, by Google and Kantar Media) the conversion rate falls to two out of a hundred people who make a purchase after browsing.

Fifty-five’s mission is to help its customers minimize that difference. To that end, fifty-five collects up to five million rows of visitor behavior data each day. And they have chosen Tableau to help communicate the insights that they derive from that data.

“Tableau helps to visually present complex analyses. This plays a crucial role in simplifying and democratizing access to data.” says Martin Daniel, Data Visual Specialist at fifty-five. “By streamlining these complex data analysis concepts, end-user clients have a major advantage in being able to understand results more quickly and easily—and make effective decisions faster.”

Recent customer results are showing double-digit sales increases—including a 28 percent increase for Lacoste. As Sammy’s old band might say: that’s some jump!

Check out the full case study in English or French.

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