New in Tableau 8: Subscriptions to Reports or Worksheets

Have you ever wanted to get a particular view or dashboard automatically delivered to your inbox with the latest data? Well, you’re in luck, subscriptions are now available in Tableau Server 8.0.

With Tableau Server 8.0, you can now easily subscribe to reports that you need on a recurring basis. Subscribing to a workbook or worksheet will automatically deliver the dashboard or view to your email inbox. Subscriptions make it easy to always see the latest information without having to go to Tableau Server to get updates.

You can subscribe to the content you are most interested in and have an PNG image of the report delivered to their inbox with a link to jump directly to the interactive version.

Administrators have full control over the subscriptions on the Server. They can turn on/off subscriptions for individual sites. The subscription delivery times are based on schedules defined by an administrator on the server. That way administrators can manage the workload on the server by balancing the interactive workload with the background processing of the subscriptions.

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