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The authors of Tableau Public have done it again. It seems like whenever we think we've seen everything that Public can do they come back with something fresh and different... something that we couldn't have expected or imagined. The past few months have been full of vizzes like that, as you can see below.

Nuclear Explosions Since 1945

nuclear explosions

First of all, make sure to click through on the image to see the interactive version of this visualization by Mark Jackson. It was simply too big to fit here. As you can see, it shows the number of nuclear explosions worldwide since 1945. The content is fascinating (there have been over 2000?!), but the method of delivery also impresses us. In particular we like the way that Mark used the pages shelf to show "fresh" explosions and simultaneously display the history of previous explosions.

Marriage Equality Around the World

La Nacion in Argentina has been using Tableau Public since 2010. As you can see, they've put their practice to good use with this visualization which shows the state of marriage equality the world over. Simple but powerful!

The Fastest Growing Companies in America

Michael Carper of Apparatus created this visualization which shows the fastest growing companies in America. This viz contains a great deal of information, but Michael's filters allow you to drill down to a view that interests you and answer specific questions (like who are the fastest growing manufacturers in Wisconsin?). We think it looks sharp as well.

Do Old Movies Get Better with Age

do old movies get better with age

In case you missed it, this visualization by Ryan Sleeper was the winner of our Iron Viz Championship. Basically, this viz shows us that the older the movie, the more likely people are to rate it higher. Nostalgia run amok? Perhaps! What makes this viz especially impressive is that it was started and finished in twenty minutes. Apologies for making you click through to see the viz - it's too big to fit properly here.

1000 Number 1 Albums

Tableau's own Andy Cotgreave dug deep for this beautiful visualization which shows the history of number 1 albums over the course of the past 55 years. Beautiful, interesting, and informative. Nice work Andy.

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