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March 5th

Stephen Wagner published on Analytics Wagner

Stephen Wagner of Analytics Wagner creatively illustrates obesity rates across America. Click a state to compare its obesity rate to the overall distribution.

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MetaViz of the Day

William Aubrey of Boulder Insight goes meta with this viz of the day. He visualizes the different categories and authors of the compendium of historical viz of the days. Check out the about pane to see how this viz was made, and click through the different charts to interact with ...

History of Cricket World Cup Finals

Explore the statistics of the Cricket World Cup finals since 1979. Click on the image to view the viz and then step through the years using the slider.

Blocked Beds in Scotland

Marc Ellison of BBC explores the number of beds in Scotland hospitals that were blocked by patients who were fit enough to return home. See the breakdown regionally and on a hospital by hospital basis.

Cross Country Paragliding in the UK

Neil Charles visualizes the ups and downs of cross country paragliding in the UK. Click the screenshot to view the viz, then click through the story points to learn about record breaking flights, types of equipment, and how weather affects flying.

Los Numeros De SwissLeaks

La Nacion explores the list of Argentine companies with more funds in the Swiss HSBC. Use the filters to browse by country and pair down the number of clients.

Poll - Who are Russia's Political Friends?

Sociological center TSIMES surveyed over 100,000 Russian speakers (on social media) in multiple countries, to see who they thought were Russia's 'Political Friends and Enemies'. Click on the image to view the viz and explore opinions by by city and country.


Curtis Harris explores Instagrammers sentiment towards President Obama.

Bad Driver Insurance Premiums

John Schoen of CNBC visualizes the cost in increased insurance premiums associated with receiving various types of moving violations. Click on the dropdown filters to view the geographic differences by violation type.

Coachella 2015 Lineup

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the world and takes place every spring in Indio, CA. Check out this dashboard from Skyler Johnson looking at what genres are the most represented at the festival and some of their stats from Click on the Map tab to see ...

Road Diets in Seattle

Troy Heerwagen of Walking in Seattle explores Seattle's record of successful road re-channelization. Of the six roads highlighted, explore the volume, speed, and safety changes resulting from the re-channelization.

Top Norwegian Baby Names 1995-2014

Hanne Løvik takes a look at the top male and female baby names in Norway between 1995-2014. Filter by year, or click on a name to see the names' relative popularity and trend over time.

Top Love Songs by State in the US

In time for Valentine's Day, Clara Siegel takes a look at the top love songs in each US State. Click on a State to see the top love songs and then click on a song to listen to it.

Isabel's Weather Homework

Seven year old Isabel takes a look at the weather near her home over the span of 10 days! Click the screenshot to explore how this awesome #datakid recorded the temperature, rainfall and wind.

Gas Prices Across the U.S.

According to AAA, gas prices are at approaching their bottom limit. Mark Graces of The Oregonian looks at gas prices across the country and in Oregon towns.

Vaccine Preventable Outbreaks

CFR maps vaccine preventable outbreaks since 2008. Click on the image to view the viz. To drill into the data by filtering by both year and disease, or hover over a specific outbreak for more information.

Funding Secured for Italian Startups

Andrea Gianotti visualizes which start-ups have secured funding in Italy. Click on the image to view the viz hover over the map to see total funding by region.

Homes with a (Page) View

Which zip codes have home listings with the most page views for July through November 2014? Matthew Fix of Zillow Real Estate Research shows the share of page views by zip code for 50 different U.S. metro areas.

Training for Two Marathons

Louis Archer was so impressed by his brother and brother's girlfriend's determination to train for two separate marathons that he decided to analyze how they did it. Click through the story points to see the increasing amounts they ran.

Fighting and Bullying Among Adolescents

Joseph Hancock of the HBSC research network highlights countries with significant bullying problems among adolescents. Hover over a country in the top bar charts too see how that country ranked in 1001 and 2006.

Music Preference Change in South Africa

Derik Nieman of Quirk visualizes the changing musical tastes of South Africans. Click on the different provinces and select different genres to compare to interact with the data.

A Tale of Two Conference Championship Games

Tableau Public's Dash Davidson visualizes the two very different paths that the Seahawks and Patriots used to get to the Super Bowl. The two team's in-game win probabilities are charted on the Y axis with time left in their respective games on the X axis. Click on the play buttons ...

Super Bowl Ad Tracker

Harley Ellenberger of Kantar Media shows Super Bowl ad spending trends since 1995. Click on the screenshot, then click on a bar chart segment to view the spending details about that category and year.

Vaccination in California Elementary Schools

Daniel J. Willis of the Bay Area News Group created this visualization of vaccination rates in California elementary schools. Green markers signify a vaccination rate of the 92% or more required for "herd immunity" to protect the unvaccinated from disease. Red markers are below 92%. ...

Dakar 2015 - The Winners

Yanina Ronconi of La Nacion explores the 2015 Dakar race. Use the filter to dive deeper into each type of vehicle (cars, trucks and motorcycles) to see who had the best time.

Airline Performance Reports made it easy to check which airlines perform the best in each month of the year. Click on the screenshot to view the viz, then click the date filters to see which airline is the most reliable in that month.

Top New Albums Played on KEXP in 2014

Jewel Loree takes a look at the best new albums of 2014 played on KEXP, by both listener rank and rank by plays. See which of the top 91 albums fall in the high listener rank and high DJ plays.

UK Road Safety

This visualization looks at where and when road accidents happen in the UK. Scroll along the viz to view each 'panel' and explore the data.

Crisis in the A&E?

Inspired by Kelly Martin's viz on Nuclear Energy which made Viz of the Day yesterday, Chris Love of The Information Lab created this long-form visualization of increased demand for the Accident and ...

Global Nuclear Energy Use

Kelly Martin from VizCandy looks at global nuclear energy consumption growth since the late 1980's. Scroll down the viz to follow the story and click on a country to see its nuclear energy consumption.

Population Changes in Jämtland Municipalities

The Swedish Northern Regional County Council looks at population changes from 1968 - 2012. Click on the image to view the viz and see which cities populations are growing or shrinking.

Where to Retire?

Meredith Miller of Zillow asks the question: where is the best place for you to retire? Use the filters to place your preferences and see the locations that are recommended for you!

European Views on Immigration

Europaportalen visualizes each European country's views on immigration. Click the screenshot to view the viz, then click the filter bubbles to see how views differ between intra-EU immigration and immigration from countries outside of Europe.


Former Iron Viz contestant Jonathan Trajkovic reflects on the Twitter response to the recent tragedy in his home country of France. Click through the story points to see how Twitter banded together in support of the victims of Charlie Hebdo.

The Rise of the Middle Class

CNBC's John Schoen visualizes the current and projected state of the middle class in different countries around the world. Use the slider on the top to switch the year from 2013 to 2030.

Police Forces in Europe

Andrea Gianotti visualizes how much Europe invests in its police forces - both as a proportion of GDP and per 1000 citizens. Click on the image to view the viz and move through the timeline to see how spending has changed over time.

Mapping Houston's Electricity Usage

Frank Bracco of the City of Houston Blog, visualizes the changing energy usage climate in Houston, Texas. Change the slider on the top to animate the map back and forth in time.