Today we are releasing a new version of our data reshaper add-in for Excel 2007-2010 (32- and 64-bit). For those who are not familiar with this tool, it’s a free add-in that helps you prepare your Excel files for analysis.

There are three main changes.

The biggest change is the addition of the “Open in Tableau” button. Press this and, hey presto, Tableau opens a new workbook connected to your current workbook.

Visually we have updated the UI so that it now has an Excel ribbon style interface making it easier to get to the buttons and generally making things a little easier on the eye.
The final change is the addition of 2 keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your process. The shortcuts available are as follows:
• Ctrl+Alt+T: Open in Tableau
• Ctrl+Alt+R: Reshape data

We hope that this new version of the tool will speed up your analytics using Tableau and Excel files.

To download the new reshaper, please visit our reshaper knowledge base article. For more information on preparing Excel files for analysis, please click here.

Important: This tool is a free, unsupported, undocumented add-in from Tableau. Although it has been tested to work on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Excel you should back up your data before using it.


This is great news. Unfortunately there is a mistake on the setup splash screen which states "This will install Tableau 3.5 Excel Add-in on your computer." when the last version of the add-in was 4.1. To avoid the inevitable questions, I can't ship this out to my user community until a corrected version is posted here.

There are a number of users in my agency who will be pleased to have this updated utility. So I hope the updated version can be posted quickly. Thanks!

Hi tim
Ooops - sorry about that. We'll get it updated as soon as we can.
In the meantime, could you distribute the XLA file itself? That might not be practical in your organisation, but if it is, that would work fine - the installation doesn't do anything more than put the add-in the excel list.

Hi Tim
We've fixed the problem - the download on the KB page should now have the correct installation number on it!

Not quite. Now the zip file on the KB article has the executable "Setup-Tableau-Add-In-4.1.exe" and Powerpoint slides for that same release. Splash screen lists 3.6 and 4.1 on it.

The previous zip had one file called "Setup-Tableau-Add-In-7.0.exe" and no Powerpoint slides.


It looks really interesting but I don't think it works with a French Excel (some function names might not be the same).

I was going to go into the macro to see if I can correct it for my locale but this is protected by a password.

Would it be possible to provide a version working in a different language?


If all it takes to use this great tool is copying an XLA file to a specific folder, could you then please - please - please make the xla file available?

When you package it as an .exe file then you need local admin rights to open the file, i.e. most corporate users will not be able to use it which is a damn shame!


Sorry to rehash but ... The knowledge base article is still pointing to the old (incorrect) zip file.

I confirm Tim's assessment - it looks like we're still pointing to the old version of the tool.

Apologies for the trouble. You will need to clear your cache to get the new version (you can usually access this through the same Preferences or Options menu that allows you to edit your history).

Tried it again (without clearing my cache) and it now appears to be corrected. I know several of my coworkers will be glad to see this updated release. Thanks!


When I go to manage : go and I don´t have the excel add in to activate. Excel 2010 32 Bits Portuguese. Does anyone have a sugestion?

Thank you

This is an awesome tool! I'm always receive data from coworkers in the form of cross-tabs and get asked to analyze them. I waste too much time preparing data for analysis.

I have a request: Could you please incorporate the Tableau Excel tools as a group into the Data tab of the Ribbon (or at least somehow provide an option to hide the Tableau tab from the Ribbon via the "Customize the Ribbon" command)? I've got enough tabs displaying in Excel; as the Tableau tab is mostly empty, I found it made more sense to make a custom group in the Data tab for all the Tableau commands. But I can't seem to find any way to hide the Tableau tab.

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