#StuffDataGeeksSay - What Have You Heard?

Everyone at Tableau is a data geek at heart. What we love about our customers is they are too! We're always amazed at what people say when talking about data. For instance, here are a couple of comments overheard just the other day.

  • “I prefer left joins.”
  • “We have multi-tenancy!!!!”
  • “Well, just how dirty is your data…”
  • “He said big data but it was just 2 gig.”
  • “It's only a bar chart but it's my data and it's beautiful.”

With the launch of Tableau 7.0 we decided that we wanted to do a tribute to data geeks worldwide. We put together a video, a tribute if you will, to the things that data geeks say that catch our attention.

Check out the YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykIwd_gcls

I'm betting you have your own favorite lines. If so, we want to hear about them!

  • Twitter: Tweet us @Tableau with what you heard - be sure and include the tag #StuffDataGeeksSay
  • Facebook: If your quote is longer than 140 characters, then post it on our face book here
  • Blog: Post your quote below in the blog comments

Over the next 48 hours, we'll pick the best quotes (think re-tweets, comments, etc.) and we will send those folks a Tableau t-shirt.

Be sure and check out the Tweets so far. We'll also post occasional round-ups here on our blog.

Next week we'll do another short video using the best quotes amassed from you!

So start thinking about #StuffDataGeeksSay and send it to us!

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