6 New Vizzes - IPOs, Weddings and Occupations

April and May have been chock full of amazing vizzes. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

  • IPOs Not as Strong as They Look -The Wall Street Journal takes a look at IPO performance this year. First days are as strong as always, but subsequent returns have been less impressive.

  • Oil Subsidies Repeal Blocked - The Huffington Post shows us that the oil lobby is as strong as ever.

  • State of the Nation - Every week The Daily Kos polls thousands of Americans to see what they think about current affairs. See the results in this viz.
  • Most Common Jobs Among the Lowest Paid - The Wall Street Journal is at it again, this time comparing the pay among hundreds of jobs. How does your job stack up?
  • Vizzing the Royal Wedding -Want to know where everyone sat at the Royal Wedding, or what people were tweeting while it was happening? Click into these vizzes to take a look.
  • The Kentucky Derby Slows Down - The past thirty years have seen a gradual slowing of the Kentucky Derby. Take a look at this viz to see the details.

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