Tableau Customers Confess All

I thought the scene would be hushed, even somber, at the Data Confessional with Tableau users earnestly looking into the camera, laying their souls bare and confessing their innermost data secrets.

I was wrong.

The mood in the Data Confessional was instead boisterous as Tableau Customers, full of swagger, told their stories of data hijinx and adoration almost gleefully. One man explained how he used Tableau to show that his co-workers were actually lazy and not doing their jobs (yikes). Another woman confessed her “geeky” life-long love affair with numbers and data (but she didn’t really seem ashamed).

The confessional is open on the third floor throughout the conference and there are incentives to tell all: a free t-shirt, a chance to win an iPad and, of course, a clean conscience.

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