...what would you want to know?

As we're building out the sessions for this year's customer conference in Washington D.C. we want to know what you're interested in hearing about from us!


Okay, maybe not that last one.

Any subject, any person, any format.

Let us know by providing a couple sentences (or paragraphs if you're really excited about the topic) around what you'd love to hear people from Tableau speak on this year at TCC'13 so that we can make it happen.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, or by emailing dsmith@tableau.com.


I would love to see a decision tree on when to use SQL Dev skills vs. Tableau features to manipulate / prepare data. Ie. when to create a cube, when to aggregate on an extract (ie row count limitations for efficient tableau usage.)

Right on! Yes Please!

I would love to pick Andy Cotgreave's brains on tool tips and what can be done in Tableau 8

The Road Map. :)

All great suggestions! The best part is I'd love to see a session on each one of these myself. You know your co-workers are cool when you're hoping they have more than 30 PowerPoint slides when you walk into a meeting with them. :)

P.S.(it's true, we have mini-fan clubs inside Tableau for other Tableau folks...I like to think I head up the Andy-Cotgreave-Is-Amazing-Society)

I would like to see a session on guidelines for segregating or combining multiple dashboard filter "actions" across multiple charts and reports on a dashboard.

I'm not seeing the option to unfollow this topic. Anybody?

It would be great to see more in-depth sessions about statistical integration from developers.

I would like 60 mins from Mr. Chabot time to see the next big thing who is under development in Tableau laboratory.

I would like to see whats the future of Tableau 8.0 .

What if other tools develop features like tableau in the future ? why every company should opt only for tableau.

Oops, thought I was replying to Charley's comment #1 when I said "Right On!"

I'd also like to see more jedi tricks from Molly. She's a master viz polisher.