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Tableau Server 2023.1

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Tableau Server is not available for mobile devices. Please log in from a desktop computer to download.

This version of Tableau has been removed due to an issue with Web Data Connectors.

Starting in September, 2023, fixed defects can be found on this site. Additional defect information is available at[sfcategoryfull]=Tableau.

Download Notice

This version of Tableau has a known issue (ID 1505333)with incremental extract refreshes when using a non-unique key. Please see this knowledge base article for more detail.

Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

An Explorer (can publish) user could not update content on Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud when the User Visibility setting was set to "Limited". An error would display, "User X does not have permission to add tags on content VIEW with ids X. (errorCode=1)".


The font displayed in the original view was not the font selected and would change to the correct font after a refresh.


Tableau Server dashboards were slow to load and did not cache the results resulting in very slow load and navigation times.


When publishing a workbook with an embedded connection using Tabcmd 2.0, the embedded connection could fail.


When attempting to edit a parameter in a workbook that has a published data source, the following error could occur, "Connect to 'DATASOURCENAME' to get 'VALUE' value for this parameter.


Subscription image and PDF did not reflect the Custom View filters on Stories as expected. Clicking the view link would display the filters correctly.


Alternative text is now generated for online and embedded visualizations and visualizations in dashboards. This content includes the visualization title, type, and information about rows and columns when using a screen reader.


Publishing TDE extracts to Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud is retired functionality that will now result in the error, "Publishing TDE extracts is not allowed on this Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud". Please see this Tableau Community post for more detailed information.


Support for Linux Ubuntu 20.04 has been added.


The Explorer role (that can publish) would not allow the publishing of flows to Tableau Server.


Starting with 2022.4, some Prep flows with queries to Salesforce tables can fail with the error "System error: An error occurred while communicating with data source 'LoomDataSource'".


Duplicate records could display on the data preview pane, download data button from data preview pane, Rest API, Tabcmd, and the Viz url with ":format=CSV" parameter.


When a workbook is opened, the dynamic parameters would not load a 'datetrunc' value.


In External Actions, if a dashboard is published with a configuration error in the extension, in View mode, there will be no error and the button will never become enabled.

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Tue, March 14, 2023

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