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Tableau Server Management Add-on 2021.4

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, which contains additional fixes.

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Resolved Issues

Issue ID Description

Tableau Resource Management Tool would always report success when the --verbose flag was used.


The Resource Management Tool installation would fail when a group policy object set the Powershell policy to "Allow only signed scripts".


Network performance information would not be shown for Microsoft Hyper-V network adapters


Duplicate incidents would sometimes be created for the same threshold being exceeded


The Connection Type would not be populated for some queries


The end user would sometimes encounter an error when Content Migration Tool would run a license check on run-time, resulting in the process failing.


When using the Content Migration Tool to migrate a data source, some of the tags on the data source would not be removed if one of the tags could not be found.


When attempting migration from Tableau Server to Tableau Online using the Content Management Tool, an error could result showing, "the given key 'default' was not present in the dictionary".


When changing a custom SQL during a migration to a Snowflake connection type, the custom SQL would sometimes not update.


When changing a custom SQL during a migration to an Oracle connection type, the custom SQL would sometimes not update.


When the end user clicks on project, then workbooks selection, the Content Management Tool sometimes would try and load for an extended period of time and eventually fail to load.

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RMT 2021.4.21.1104.1816, CMT 2021.4-1.1.352

Release date

Thu, December 09, 2021

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