Travel & Transportation Analytics

The travel & transportation industries have never lacked data, as it’s collected across every interaction point. Whether for a guest, passenger or cargo, data helps to balance demand with supply to optimize revenue and profitability of its inventory and capacity. From travel and hospitality across airlines, hotels, car rental and cruise companies, each are capturing customer behaviors and experiences that contain valuable insights for the business. But travel and transportation analytics methods tend to be slow and aren't always intuitive. At the same time, transportation and logistics companies across trucking, freight rail, air delivery, maritime, and logistics service providers are trying to link disparate data sources to manage network and capacity planning as well as optimize routes for profitability. With Tableau, you can quickly blend and link similar data to gain the insights needed to improve revenue management and yield through data-driven pricing strategies and visibility into real-time inventory–all the while driving lifetime customer loyalty. See how Tableau enhances Travel and Transportation analytics here.

Travel & Hospitality Presentations

Southwest Airlines: Empowering data users to become data warriors with self-service analytics

Southwest Airlines, the nation's largest carrier in terms of domestic passengers, shares their story of Tableau adoption. Learn how Tableau has empowered Southwest users to exercise their "warrior spirit" by self-serving data and helping them achieve their goal of being a data-driven organization. Southwest will also share some interesting stories of how Tableau is being used across the organization and the problems it's helping solve.

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Teamwork makes the dream work! Inspiring a data-driven culture at Kimpton

Learn how Tableau improved revenue management and provided operational insight for future forecasts at Kimpton. Within Kimpton, there was a historic issue with fragmented data and reporting structures. Managers and leaders across the organization struggled to recognize future revenue risks and opportunities as they related to corporate and hotel forecasts. Kimpton began to use Tableau as a solution to house all of the data and serve as the primary reporting platform to provide "real-time reporting” that now enables leadership to gain valuable insights.

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It's just been a huge game-changer for us. So instead of having to wait for something to already happen and then try to figure out why it happened, we're now proactively looking out and we can see what's going to happen before it happens and then prepare for that or maybe change it.

Transportation & Logistics Presentations

Bridging the gap: how Werner is leveraging Tableau to customize its native applications

Find out how Werner Enterprises, a global transportation provider of freight management and supply chain solutions, is using Tableau to tap into the source data to build custom views across the company. Learn how Werner is using digital signage to broadcast a consistent message to its offices across the globe.

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JOC Group revolutionized the Maritime Industry with decision-ready visualizations

JOC Group will explain how they've begun creating online data portals and platforms by unifying disparate data sets and creating visualizations that once existed in hundreds of time-intensive spreadsheets across many of their customer organizations. JOC Group will illustrate how Tableau has transformed the marketplace by providing at-a-glance and easy-to-understand data visualizations that both ask users questions and eventually lead to answers and action plans. This is a paradigm shift in the more traditional maritime industry by enabling decision-ready data and powerful interactive visualization that is revolutionizing maritime logistics and planning.

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It's a must-have. Anyone that's involved with data analysis and investigating data, you have to have this tool. It is so powerful—it's transformative.