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Healthcare data has the potential to reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the patient experience. The challenge is how to get from information to insight to action. Tableau empowers everyone in a given healthcare organization to find the right path forward. In an industry where seconds count, Tableau reduces the time it takes to connect to your data, visualize, analyze, and ultimately find answers.

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New York City Health Solutions Showcase

Join the Tableau Health Solutions Showcase on June 11 in NYC to learn how industry leaders like McKesson, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mount Sinai, and Aetna are overcoming challenges and applying healthcare analytics to enable value based care, with measurable business value and superior patient outcomes.

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5 Trends in Healthcare Analytics for 2018

It will be no surprise that 2018 reveals a pent up demand for better healthcare IT, and analytics that drive higher efficiencies. Each year at Tableau, we start a conversation about the data movement and new analytics trends in each industry. Here are our predictions for the trends in healthcare analytics that will add value for healthcare providers, physicians, and patients this year.

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Healthcare analytics: How healthcare professionals use Tableau

4 Best Practices to Improve Operational Excellence

Finding new ways to improve operational excellence in healthcare is at the very core of successfully transitioning to a value-based, patient-centric care paradigm. Read this whitepaper to learn how to improve supply chain efficiency, revenue cycle management, and clinical productivity.

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5 Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management

In this paper, we discuss how Healthcare Providers and Payers can deploy population health management into process, work culture and technology systems with data.

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