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Every healthcare organization is a data company. But truly modern healthcare enterprises also cultivate what’s increasingly being described as a data culture. Why? Because data doesn’t drive success on its own—only when people mobilize around data, putting facts at the center of every conversation, does data unlock collaboration, lead to strategic insights and enhance decision-making. Keep reading to learn how healthcare leaders are building a culture of data within their organizations.

Visualizing Health with Data

Virtual Healthcare Data Summit

With the global health environment rapidly evolving, Tableau is committed to helping healthcare organizations see and understand data.

Join us for Visualize Health, a virtual healthcare data summit, led by healthcare leaders and data experts. Forward-thinking organizations such as PATH, Stanford Health Care, Snowflake, and Prominence will share timely and relevant insights.

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Building a Healthcare Data Culture

Learn how others are embracing data and digitalization to achieve breakthrough care outcomes. See how building a data culture is your missing link to improving the patient experience.


City of Hope, Data Culture Mindset - Saving Lives and Solving Real-World Health Issues

Learn how City of Hope uses Tableau to advance research and treatment and improve care outcomes. See first-hand how a visualization-first approach enables them to better manage, understand, and utilize their data for research and discovery to improve the patient experience


Optimal Patient Experience Begins with Data-Driven Care

Future-facing healthcare organizations are leveraging data insights in order to support a modern, holistic approach to patient and member experience. Read this whitepaper to learn how to begin prioritizing digital transformation and create a data-driven culture.

By gaining corporate leadership support of Tableau from the beginning, Providence’s local and regional hospital leaders as well as clinicians took cues and quickly saw value in using the platform. By making an enterprise shift to Tableau, Providence gained one visual data language for leaders and frontline providers to assess quality of care.

Data Culture at TC19

What is Data Culture?

Organizations are investing trillions of dollars to become more data-driven, but only 8% successfully scale analytics to get value out of their data. Hear from our data community on how organizations are transforming the way they do business by implementing a data-driven culture.

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Ochsner Health System: Patients First, Visualizing Experience of Care

Learn how Ochsner transformed patient experience data into meaningful visuals that drive action throughout the organization.

Kaiser Permanente: Improving Diabetes Care with Data-Informed Insights

See how Kaiser is enabling insight-driven decisions to improve patient quality of life.

Lake County Health Dept: Tableau Prep Builder and Conductor at Enterprise Scale

Discover how Lake County Health has revolutionized their data warehouse strategy with Tableau Prep to create dashboards faster, more precisely, and with less intrusive governance.

Webinar Series: Healthcare Analytics Deep Dive

Powerful Tableau Integration

From Insights to Innovation - How cloud data visualization and analytics solutions are transforming healthcare

Tableau on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping today’s Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations bring robust, scalable analytics to their organization. Download our new eBook to learn how cloud-based data visualization and analytics solutions are helping transform the way we deliver healthcare and create new innovations in medicine.

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Prominence Epic + Tableau

Embed any Tableau dashboard, securely, within Epic Hyperspace.

Tableau + AWS

Optimize Tableau on AWS for HIPAA workloads with the AWS Healthcare Quickstart

Healthcare Starter Kits

Healthcare Executive KPI Dashboard Starter Kit

Rapidly deploy a healthcare solution to see and understand your most critical key performance indicators

Healthcare RCM Starter Kit

Take back control of the reporting and analytics that impact your organization’s revenue cycle. Download the Healthcare Provider Revenue Cycle Management Starter Kit and begin asking and answering questions from your revenue cycle data in an easy, valuable, and secure manner.

Healthcare Analytics Hub Starter Kit

Get the data you need faster with a customized app. Download the customizable Healthcare Analytics Hub Starter Kit for a sample of what your healthcare app could look like, in order to provide valuable insight at the level of care.

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