Education Analytics

From early education to institutional enrollment and scholarships, the sources of education data are vast. Managing analysis and reporting requirements across departments or campuses can seem challenging, but education analytics with Tableau can solve these problems.

Tableau eases this burden by allowing anyone to perform sophisticated education analytics and share their findings. See how lesson plans correlate to student performance, find ways to keep at-risk kids engaged, discover ways to make enrollment more efficient. Tableau can also be a powerful tool within the classroom, empowering students and educators alike to see and understand their data.

In a world where data analytics are becoming more and more valuable, it is vital for all facets of the education system to become comfortable with data. This is why Tableau is committed to making world-class analytics tools accessible and affordable within Education. Students can enjoy free access to Tableau, educators get access to a wealth of resources, and administrators may qualify for special discounts.

Tableau for K-12
Tableau for Higher Ed

Finance Analytics for Public Sector

Find out how public sector organizations are leveraging Tableau to reduce their risk of fraud, waste and abuse. These organizations are championing open data, improving transparency, increasing accountability, reducing improper payments, and ensuring program efficiency.
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Higher Ed Resources


Eight Ways Universities are Making an Impact with Data

This paper presents eight ways that higher education is using analytics and data visualization, supported by examples from real institutions.

Case Study

Indiana University and Santa Barbara CC help students succeed with course-level dashboards

Learn how a leading research university and a beachside community college are radically strengthening their educational programs and student resources with data.


Signs of a Successful BI Deployment from the University of Texas at Austin

In this presentation University of Texas-Austin discusses differences they found between their traditional BI Platform execution and Tableau.

Understand how each space is used on your campus

Understanding the makeup of space use on your campus is essential in effectively planning budgets and allocating resources to the places that need it most. Anyone in the district can interact and dive into space use by department and by use type, and view where they are located on campus.

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I'm very excited about the opportunities Tableau brings not only our school and our school district, but our staff and our students that enables us to make timely, effective decisions to truly move from notebooks and numbers to actual data and decisions.