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Education and non-profits analytics

Tap into the power of data to inform decision-making, identify trends, manage revenue, and lower operational costs.

Empower decision making at every level through self- service analytics

Hear how Katy Independent School district brings data together across multiple systems to create powerful dashboards that answer critical questions on an expedited timeline.

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University of Notre Dame: 10x faster analysis with Tableau + Snowflake

Learn how the university accesses governed data and standardized definitions through DataND, a campus-wide portal built on Tableau Server.

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I find data to be a powerful tool in any conversation. When we went to Congress, we were able to say: Here's what we need to do, here's why, and here's what's likely to be the impact when that happens.

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Employee of Instituto Unibanco

Instituto Unibanco improves public education for millions of students among 2,500 schools

See how Instituto Unibanco reduced standard reporting from one month to one week—providing extra time to perform in-depth analysis and optimize and expedite reports.

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Seeing every student succeed with Equal Opportunity Schools

Learn how Tableau software, training, and financial support help EOS find, enroll, and track 100,000 high school students in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (BI) programs across the country.

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people working

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) uses Tableau to bring conservation to life through data

Read how Tableau enables WWF to centralize, coordinate, and analyze large data volumes generated by its 80 offices worldwide, enabling better decision-making at every level of the organization.

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Reimagining the Public Sector Workforce: Strategic Priorities and Drivers in Education

Learn how human-capital–management leaders use data and analytics to modify their strategies over time, foster a culture of agility, and enhance collaboration across the organization.


Fostering healthy data culture in education

Learn how organizations create a safe space where educators can collaborate about student-performance data and keep at-risk kids on the right course.

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How I presented data on disabilities to a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) 2019, the author was given two minutes to make his case that more needs to be done globally to ensure no one is left behind.

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Tableau Cloud

Publish dashboards and share your discoveries with anyone. Invite colleagues or customers to explore hidden opportunities with interactive visualizations and accurate data.

Embedded Analytics

Deliver added value to your customers with modern self-service analytics.

CRM Analytics

Discover the story your data has to tell. CRM Analytics empowers your Salesforce CRM users with actionable insights and AI-driven analytics—right in their workflow.



Atlanta Public Schools uses Tableau data visualization tools and an AWS cloud data platform—all ISO compliant—to transform data into clear insights that empower educators, parents, and students.

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Visualize education and non-profit data

census viz

Track student test performance by school, subject, and teacher

Unlike static education-reporting tools, this dashboard allows any teacher in the district to track test performance over time by class and by student.

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Fraud and ID theft viz

International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Advocating for more data

This viz shows how many years of disability data are available by country. Only four countries have more than 10 years of disability data (blue).

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Salesforce and Tableau

A complete intelligence platform built on the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce, CRM Analytics offers education institutions and non-profits a native analytics experience. To boost productivity, Salesforce users can surface intelligent, actionable insights—right within their workflow. Explore Salesforce solutions for education and non-profits.

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Tableau for departments

Departments across organizations worldwide are empowering their people with data. Learn how departments are driving business forward with Tableau.

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Technology integrations

Organizations are finding opportunities to integrate Tableau with their existing technologies to drive business forward.

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