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5 ways to conquer revenue models with modern pricing analytics

Evolving revenue models present new opportunities. Read how Tableau helps you navigate the transition to subscription-based offerings.

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Boost efficiency using finance analytics

Combat the growing sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes using powerful, intuitive analytics that detect fraudulent activity 58% faster to limit your losses.


Find insights

Automate the analysis, discovery, and communication of insights to save time and money.

Make predictions

Join Salesforce data with live data from any warehouse to augment predictions for better decisions.

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Receive notifications, share, and collaborate on insights right in Slack so you can act quickly.

Customer success with Tableau

Customer story: Uniper

Uniper cuts time to insight by 50% and drives profits in excess of $50 million a year by using Tableau.

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Tableau allows us to compare data sets and monetize information around 50% faster than would be possible with legacy IT processes. As a result, we're better informed, better prepared, and able to capitalize on changing market conditions at incredibly short notice."

Drive actionable insights with revenue and pricing dashboards

Analyze past due accounts and open invoices

Drill down into individual accounts by region to understand which customers have the largest outstanding balances.

Forecast GAAP revenue with custom weighting

Gain lead time to evaluate how to communicate results after you close your books.

Identify outliers and trends in your selling prices

Automation, intelligence, and real-time data let you analyze ASP so you can support and advise your organization on strategic pricing shifts.

Dig into your discounting policies

Identify outliers and trends in your company’s use of discounts relative to its established policies with discounting policy analysis scatterplot

Driving proactive pricing analytics for FP&A

Learn from expertise the Tableau Finance Analytics team gained while adopting new subscription revenue models.

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These ready-to-use dashboards boost your productivity by tapping into the deep, functional, and industry expertise of the entire Tableau ecosystem–letting you harness the full power of your data.

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